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tantric massage


Tantric Massage Therapy is mix of techniques from different massages to get exactly the problem of your pain and bring you relaxation, which is what most of the people wanted, if you feel really tired and you can’t move anymore because of the really big pain then we suggest you to go for our Tantric Massage Therapy in central London with our professional masseuses girls will definitely bring the feeling of  happiness without pain

Our location London Tantric Massage Therapy in central London has professional masseuses for any kind of massage like Full Body Massage, Body 2 Body Massage, Sensual Massage, 4 Hands Massage, Nude Massage, Full Body Massage, Tantric Massage, Nuru Massage and many other massages which can be provided in  the salon from our well skilled Masseuses Girls, they are able to bring you the flame inside of you and make you feel like a brand new person after the massage, they have really great way of handling the stressed points into your body and make them into pleasurable points, but not only that, they are able to bring you a lot more than giving you a Erotic Massage, if you call to some of our staff for booking in central London with choosing the best tantra-house.com service in our location for you.

Tantric Massage Therapy – Nude Massage Therapy

Tantric Massage Therapy in central London or incall massage in our location we provide the girls private apartments for outcall massage or at your hotel room Sit back and relax after arranging an tantric massage at your hotel.
About 30-40 minutes later an attractive masseuse will arrive at your hotel. The 60 minutes erotic massage package starts with a short neck, back and leg massage to make you comfortable and relaxed. After handling this relaxing part,the sensual, erotic and exciting part of
the package can begin. In general it comes down the  extremely sensuality mixed with different erotic massage technique, variations erotic topless or fully nude London erotic service.
Finishing touch the erotic massage pack can be finished in the sensual, sexual or erotic level witch you prefer yourself.
You can think of a happy ending or total intimate full erotic massage service. Do not a shamed to discuss your wishes with the employee or masseuse.

Sensual Tantric Massage Therapy London

Our Sensual Massage Service is one of the best in central London and it’s provide from really beautiful licensed masseuses with the best sensual massage teachers from around the world to make sure that they will provide you the best sensual massage you ever had in your life.

The Sensual Massage she will give you is really great and relaxing, will bring you in another world name of paradise, where you will get not only relaxing feeling but also extremely pleasure from the way is giving you massage.

Tantric Massage Therapy

Sensual Tantric Massage Therapy London

The Full Sensual Body Massage will bring you pleasure to any part of your body, because our amazing erotic sensual masseuses will start to give you massage from your head and continue very slowly and sensitive down, and till she get somewhere in the middle of your body she will hold for a while because this is where mostly the pain stays, then she will continue down till she get the end of your legs and then she will continue up again really nicely and softly till she is sure that you have got this perfect massage you have ever expect from our erotic-massage.co.uk girls in central London.

Benefits of Tantric Massage Therapy in London

The sensual body massage in call in our location in central London we ofer the big varyeti of sensual massage location like South Kensington, Chelsea, Gloucester Road, Bayswater, Lancaster Gate, Paddington, Edgware Road, Baker Street, Great Portland Street, Regent Park, Warren Street, Goodge street and much more or outcall sensual massage at your hotel room also with this package sit back and relax after arranging a very nice sensual massage at your hotel.
but make sure you are fresh or showered when the masseuse arrives. it’s unnecessary to take a shower while the time is ticking. aprox  30/40 minutes later the attractive masseuse will arrive at your hotel room.

The 60 min. body to body package starts with a short neck, back massage to make you comfortable and relaxed.This relaxing part will just take 10 min, the body 2 body erotic & exciting part of the package can begin. this package will bring certainly more excitment than relaxation, as you will understand. In general it comes down to extremely sensuality/full body contact, she will rub her topless body over yours with special technique mixed with different sensual massage technique, erotic topless and full nude body to body contact massage.


Every men prefer tantric massage , because is one of the most popular tantra massages our beautiful girls are offering. This massage will awake all your tantric senses which are locked deep inside you, they will start with putting on you really softly the massage oil and then really sensitive touches all over your body and then she will start to get closer and closer with all of her body into yours till she release  the pressure from your body after a long day on work or you just have been really stressed.

The outcall tantric massage in London is service is very old method for bringing your body to the point where you start to feel like you have just born and this  will bring your strength and energy into your body which will make you again so dynamic for new sensual touch adventures, if this is what you have looking for all this time now is the moment to order one of our girls to make you feel alive again with our erotic-massage.co.uk, they would be so happy to supply you with their knowledge.

Booking Outcall Tantric Massage in London

The outcall tantric massage in London we offer also incall location in London for Body Massage located in central London or outcall tantric massage in London at your hotel room also with this package sit back and relax after arranging a veri nice erotic massage sesion at your hotel.

Make Ready Outcall Tantric Massage in London

Outcall Tantric Massage Service

London Outcall Tantric Massage Service

But make sure you are fresh or showered when the masseuse arrives. it’s unnecessary to take a shower while the time is ticking. aprox  30/40 minutes later the attractive masseuse will arrive at your hotel room. The 60 min. body to body package starts with a short neck,  back massage to make you comfortable and relaxed. This relaxing part will just take 10 min, the body 2 body meaning erotic & exciting part of  the package can begin. this package will bring certainly more excitment than relaxation, as you will understand. Outcall tantric massage in London in general it comes down to extremely sensuality full body massage contact, she will rub her topless body over yours with special erotic technique combined with different massage technique, find here: www.nurumassage-london.co.uk  or sensual touch erotic topless and full body contact massage.

Finishing touch the full body massage can be finished in the level you prefer yourself. You can think Happy ending or full intimate full service. do not a shamed to dicuss your wishes with the employee or masseuse


Our skin is our biggest organ that responds to our reality through stimuli touch. In tantric massage not only does the body relax but we learn to deepen and awaken all five senses and arousal through erotic service as well as using sexual energy as a medicine to restore, rejuvenate and cultivate this life force as a healing method for vitality, sensuality and turning back the aging process. Through the art of tantra or London tantric massage touch we move ching sexual energy from the genitals base body up into the forehead third eye full body to activate the pineal and pituitary glands which transmits serotonin the body’s own feel good drug to experience illumination which I refer to as cosmic 0rgasm, every cell in the entire body is bathed in orgasmic healing waves of bliss not just the genitals.

London Tantric Massage Services

London Tantric Massage

The body can achieve this ultimate transition with or without genital stimulation.  London tantric massage touch together with the intent to share and give love, is the greatest healing gift we can give to ourselves and to our partner. In tantric massage less talk and more touch is more  meaning we tease and tantalize the body through stimuli, especially London tantric massage touch the erogenous zones.

The best London Tantric Massage touch in Warren Street W1 central London goes beyond just the physical enjoyment to the deepest healing power of love.  

Benefits ot London Tantric Massage

When we touch with the intention to give love, to make someone feel good, we feed that person love, a similar metaphor of watering a thirsty plant.  Scientist state we have trillion cells in the human body drive and the teachings of tantric massage believe that every cell has a divine consciousness, a superior sex intelligence, just like that of a computer system, this wisdom understands love and fear, positive and negative for the true journey of tantra massage is duality to unity.
When the cells receive and feel unconditional love, they vibrate, pulsate, rejuvenate and renew with energy and vitality.

An mo is an exquisite ancient tantric or tantra massage that opens the energy channels of Chi life force, London tantric massage sexual rejuvenation for restoration and cultivation and the shen spirit.  When all three channels merge, the body comes alive, it’s a feeling of being fully present, fully body to body massage alive, yet deeply relaxing, it is a state of London a oneness with all things. 


Sensual Tantric Massage in London massage is an opportunity to release accumulated stress, and also a sensual erotic massage experience of girls adult massage expert only in central London.
Therefore, Erotic Tantric Massage by Tantra-house, the atmosphere created in the salon and quality of services, trying to break away from everyday life and will throw in a unique, erotic, tantric, sensual, refined, and also very relaxing for your body in our places in Central London.

Sensual Tantric Massage London

Sensual Tantric Massage Services

Services tantra-house are : relaxing massage , body massage, erotic massage , erotic shows , four hands massage, couples massage , nuru massage, sensual massage and full body massage.
All our salon clients visit us on the basis of appointments by phone or mail , which helps to keep your visits discretion and we can keep a perfect room to relax in the best conditions .
Your visit to Tantric Massage in London London by Tantra House is and will remain our little secret. We know it is important for you to ensure confidentiality, and therefore respect this.

Incall Sensual Tantric Massage central London

We want erotic massage in our salon you will feel comfortable and as relaxed as in your own home and so I arranged location massage parlor according to the highest standards of quality and luxury but at the same time outlining a universe intimate and discreet where you can enjoy every moment.Our regular services are provided by qualified masseuses , young , attractive and sensual , in the company who will live unique moments . The salon is equipped with attractive rooms nuru gel, nuru mattresses highest quality.

Outcall Sensual Tantric Massage London

Our girls we provide the best outcall tantric massage in London every days 24/7 but hotel only. please make a booking for outcall sensual tantric massage in London before one hour in our website and the girl arrive in the time for you.

Tantric Massage London

Tantric Massage touch for men and women in central London

Tantric Massage London Agency

Tantric London w1  incorporates the meditative practices and rituals of Tantric massage transforming massage session into a devotional ritual that honors the body, mind, and spirit. By bringing ritual to your tantric massage London, you can enhance your experience, taking the physical sensations you feel to a spiritual level.

Ritual in Tantric massage London w1

The methods used in Tantric massage usually alternate between dynamic activity, such as massage and movement, and peaceful silences. The idea is to transcend your physical nature by bringing full consciousness to your body, mind, and the sensations you experience. Erotic massage London helps you to do this in a safe, supported way. The result is that you can feel spiritually whole, balanced, and connected with yourself as well as your partner.

As you focus on the erotic London massage sensation you experience during massage, drop any mind-generated goal, such as moving toward orgasm, and sink completely into the present moment. The ritual elements help you both to focus on the moment and know what to do next. If you try the rituals shown here, you may be surprised to find that the benefits become apparent to you, without even trying very hard.



Before any Tantric massage practice (or “meditation”, as they are often known) it is customary to perform an opening ritual, called “namaste,” in order to mark the start of the meditation. At the end, the same ritual is performed to bring a close to the meditation. “Namaste” means “I honor the Divine within you,” or “I bow to the God/Goddess in you.”Sit or kneel facing each other, with your hands together in a prayer position. Close your eyes, then bow toward each other and say “Namaste.”

Tantric massage London  works with the chakras, the energy vortexes that lie in and above your body. They act aspoints of entry and exit for energy to flow in and out of you. When your chakras are balanced, you feel that all is well with the world. When your chakras are aligned with your partner’s chakra system, you both feel the benefits deeply, on both a physical and spiritual plane.
Tantric London works to best-tantra.co.uk your chakras and make you feel energized and alive. Tantra works with the seven main chakras. Seventh chakra: bliss, oneness Sixth chakra: psychic intuition, transcendence Fifth chakra: creativity, expression
Fourth chakra: love, sacredness
Third chakra: individual truth, agelessness
Second chakra: emotions, feelings, sensuality
Base chakra: sex, survival, primal desire